How to Finesse New York - Ess In The City - New York City Guide

Recently, I returned back to New York City. I was there to attend The Millennium Tour 2019. However, the girls and I decided to make a weekend out of it. I will always love New York. Not only is it the “big city” but it’s the birth place of my parents and home to several family members. It’s like magic happens when I step into the city. If you are looking for a well rounded trip and aren’t afraid to travel throughout the various burrows of New York, you will enjoy my #EssIsInTheCity - New York City Guide

Praise Him for Growth - How I’m Growing My Brand - Essence Sylvia Smith - Live FinESSe

Ever since I started my lifestyle brand, Live Finesse, the number one question I get is “How did you it?”, followed by the second top question, “Can you help me with my brand?”. I’m all for helping others because I want to see us all win. Since I noticed these common questions I figured it’s time that I share some beginner friendly tips on how I am growing my brand and ways you can grow yours too.